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Supernatural / Сверхъестественное

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Supernatural 3.02 The Kids Are Alright (Сверхъестественное) залит на ФТП.

В России сериал показывает РЕН ТВ, были показаны все 2 сезона. В США начинается 3й сезон.

Но специально для вас я достал 3-й сезон!

Русские / английские субтитры

3.03 Bad Day At Black Rock уже томится на ФТП

3.04 Sin City

Серии всё лучше и лучше...



Вот за это спасибо demon_pro, наконецто что-то полезное появлятся на этом форуме....+1 тебе



вот бы 1 и 2 ещё выложил бы...



!HELP//Переведите пожалуйста этот текст, только нормально те кто реально знают язык:)а с переводчиком я и сам смогу=)
School Stories

“I moved to a city in Indonesia in 7th grade. Two weeks after I started school some kids from the senior class played 'jelangkung' (a way of communicating with spirits). Apparently it worked but somehow the spirit possessed them and they started to act in a weird manner. One girl ran around the school screaming hysterically, another one started to scream out the principal's name and cursed him, and a few others started to shake their bodies wildly and laughed. All the other students including myself started to freak out, locked all the classroom doors and recited prayers. Then the school called 'experts' in and it turned out that the spirit that possessed them was a Dutch lady from the 1800s during the Dutch colonization. She was furious because a few months ago when the school had a ceremony we didn't provide enough 'offerings' and so she wanted us to find her an offering of this rare flower called 'bunga tiga rupa' which means three formed flower. (don't ask me what it is coz I have no idea). My school friends told me that the school was left by the Dutch colony and so stuff like this is common (comforting isn't it?.. NOT!) and that is why each time we have a ceremony we have to provide 'offerings'. This story was even published in the newspapers. A while ago I'd laugh if someone told me things like this really happen but I've witnessed it and man, it's for REAL!” – Afra, NSW

My dorm hall is haunted. The ghost is an old RA who killed herself up on the tenth floor. The ghost really likes to bug my suite. The most recent has been that the girls next door to me recently got flowers for performances in the school Dance Show. One morning they woke up and the flowers were on the ground, only there was no water on the ground as if they were knocked over. Plus, they were in 2 perfect rows. The freakiest part was that when one of them woke up, the flowers were facing towards the dressers and when the other woke up a few hours later, they were facing away from the dressers.” – Jennie, MA

"This is another college one. This girl was waiting for her roommate to get back from class so they could go out to a party, but the roommate called and said she'd be late. So the girl goes to the party and goes home with some guy, and doesn't think about it. And then the next day when she goes back, her roommate isn't there and her stuff looks just like it was left. So the girl calls her cell but it's turned off.
A few days go by, and the roommate is reported missing -- no one's seen her anywhere. Meanwhile the girl is noticing that her fridge isn't working anymore, and this awful smell is filling the room. She doesn't realize what it is until she opens the drawer to her roommate's desk and finds her severed head inside." - Natasha, VA

"I heard this really gross story: An unpopular young med. student had been particularly annoying one day and some of her classmates decided to play a trick on her. After she was sleeping they snuck in and put an amputated arm in her bed. The next morning they anxiously awaited her reaction but got none. After a while they went up to check on her and found her sitting on the bed, moaning and gurgling as she gnawed on the arm...EWW" - Megan, CO

"This is a classic. A young coed was returning from a night out with her friends and she didn't want to disturb her sleeping roommate, creeped in and slid into bed without making a sound. The next morning as she woke up and turned to say something to her roommate, she saw her mangled body on the blood-soaked bed, and written in her roommate's blood on the wall were the words: "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU DIDN'T TURN ON THE LIGHT?" - Nathan, CA

"Here's another version of that same legend: A college girl was lying in her room alone one night, her roommate had warned her she'd be out late, when she heard a gurgling, groan coming toward the room. Frightened, she jumped in the closet and locked the door. The sound came closer until it was obvious it was right outside the door, then whatever it was began to scratch on the door. When it didn't stop the girl stayed in the closet but ended up falling asleep. The next morning she opened the door to find her roommate lying dead, her throat cut and her fingers and nails bloody from scratching the door for help." - Nathan, CA

"That movie Urban Legends did this one too. Except in the movie the roommate seemed like she was having sex with her boyfriend so when the coed walks in she doesn't turn on the lights and puts her head phones on. When she wakes up the next morning her roommate has been slaughtered and written on the walls is "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" - Peter, MN